Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Must've Been Out Of My Mind

Do you ever have those days that start of so bad that you wish you didn't get out of bed? It almost felt like one of those days this morning & the morning isn't even over yet *sigh*

The boys started annoying one another very early this morning & I made the mistake of taking BOTH of them to the Farmer's Market & to the supermarket. A BIG mistake! Everything was fine when they were nowhere near one another but once they got together, well, let's just say I wished I could bang their heads together to knock some sense into them.

Des, from the fruit & veg stall at the market had her daughter helping her today. She looked at me all sympathetically when she saw how the boys were behaving.

Thankfully things have settled down for now. Mainly because they are currently at opposite ends of the house!

I was told that I wasn't allowed to show Angus's photo on my blog today. Here's my compromise :D
 It was movie night last night. We chose National Treasure. Angus & I were the only ones who started watching the movie. Mark joined us later on. Brodie, well he was doing his usual facebook thing & hiding in the bedroom. Not that I mind him doing that. Sometimes its a good thing that the boys are separated from one another! Anything to keep the peace & my sanity!!

what I've done so far on the cardigan
I did manage to get some more of my knitting done. There I was knitting away and I thought I must be getting close to casting off and starting on the front panels when I finally read the pattern properly and saw that this cardigan is knitted in one piece. Thank goodness because that means less sewing for me. I don't mind making all of this stuff I just don't always like the sewing at the end of it all!

Time to go do check out some more blogs & maybe do a bit more knitting ...
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