Friday, June 24, 2011

Finished Object, WIP & Other Stuff

I finally managed to finish that baby cardigan that I was knitting. I think it looks quite pretty with all that pink through it. I'll be sending it off to one of my nieces soon along with a couple of baby blankets and another little cardigan I made for her baby. I might make a few more things yet. I have one of those pre-paid satchels to send it in and I am going to cram as much into it as I can :)

Yay it's finally finished!
Last night I started doing some entrelac crochet. I've been wanting to try this ever since I showed you the youtube video I found. I talked about it in this post HERE. If I had known that this would be so much fun I would've finished that knitted cardigan much faster. So what do you think? It looks good doesn't it. Thank you Bethintx1 for your video on how to crochet like this!

Entrelac crochet

Mark, Angus & I nicked to the shop the other night to get a couple of things. Mark wanted some more coffee (there is some in the cupboard but he wanted something different). I thought that while we were in the supermarket I would take a look and see what diabetic friendly stuff they had on the shelves.

I knew that some chocolate was allowed but from what I read it seemed like dark chocolate was best. I don't particularly like dark chocolate but in a pinch I would eat it. I much prefer milk chocolate. I would even eat carob if I can find it. I used to love that stuff.
There we were the three of us looking at the chocolates trying to work out which on had the least amount of sugar content. It turned out that the Lindt 85% cocoa was the best. I haven't had any yet but its there just in case I do.

yum dark chocolate .. not
We also came across some sugar free lollies. I was thinking that it might be a good idea to have some of these on hand for when I wanted 'something nice'. For those times when you just want something that tasted really nice but usually isn't good for you. To be honest I didn't think that these lollies would be very tasty but they are.

they are not as bad as it sounds
I have to admit it though. While we were in the supermarket I got really bummed out. Almost to the point where I wanted to cry. I keep thinking about all the things I will no longer be able to have (unless I can find an appropriate substitute) Big changes need to happen for me to get a handle on this thing. I kept thinking that this is so unfair but I only have myself to blame. The risks were there I just didn't do anything about them.

Now with that being said. I have tested my BSL a few times now since buying that blood glucose meter and its been pretty good for the past couple of days. Smack bang in the normal range according to the booklet. It makes me wonder if my GP got it wrong, the diagnosis I mean. What if that test was a false positive or something. Yeah I know I am sort of still in the denial phase aren't I? You can't blame a girl for trying can you? :D
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