Monday, June 20, 2011

Brodie's Music Cafe Night

I don't normally post more than once a day but with me being such a proud Mum I just had to share these videos. I took them earlier tonight when we went up to Brodie's high school to watch him perform. His school sets up a Music Cafe once a year where the kids can show off their music talents while some of the other kids practise their catering skills.

Brodie is the only boy in the band. The other male is the music teacher. I think the kids did a wonderful job entertaining everyone but I am biased! They totally rocked!

I only managed to record three videos. You don't have to watch them all unless you really want to. Please ignore the shaking in the videos I was holding my phone and the floor boards were wonky and made the chair I was sitting on vibrate as people walked behind me (or in front of me).

In this last video you'll see Brodie playing one of my favourite songs. Its based on Doctor Who's tenth Doctor played by David Tennant. And yes Brodie really was playing THAT fast!

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