Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Official

I promised that I would give an update on my Doctors appointment this week in regards to the Glucose Tolerance Test I had done a couple of weeks ago. Well I saw my GP about 45 minutes ago. It's official, I am now a diabetic.

I have no idea what that entails at the moment. My Mum was a diabetic as was my brother Wayne. Considering Mum passed away over 10 years ago I don't remember everything that she needed to do & I never really saw Wayne so I have no clue what he did either.

My doctor suggested told me that I needed to get one of those glucose machine thingys (sorry my mind has drawn a blank at the moment) and suggested that I shop around to get one at a reasonable price. They aren't that expensive as I have checked them out at our local chemist. A glucometer? (still drawing a blank here).
He also recommended that I join the Diabetes Association. Apparently I can get discounts with some equipment like the strips and possibly other services.

I did speak with my Dad on Sunday telling him that I needed to see my GP today to get the results of my GTT. The first thing he said, without even skipping a beat, is why what have YOU been eating? Sheesh, make it hard on me Dad. I was hoping to get some sympathy and reassurance from you. I didn't expect him to be quite so harsh. I don't think it matters what I ate. There were many risk factors stacking up against me anyway it was just a matter of time.
I'll be phoning him shortly to tell him the 'news'. I hope he is a bit more supportive this time.

I have an appointment with the Practise Nurse for next Wednesday afternoon (it was the earliest I could get in to see her plus it gives medicare time to set up whatever it needs to set up), I'm not sure what her job will be in my new health plan. She might be the diabetes educator, who knows. I guess I will find out next week.

I guess for now I do some research and find out what I need to do & shop around for one of those monitors.
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