Friday, May 20, 2011

Work In Progress - Hedgehog (Part 3)

Just a warning this post has a lot of photos. It may take a while to load.

You might notice some colour differences. The paler looking photos were taken with my phone. The brighter looking ones were done with my camera. The colours in those ones look more realistic.

I love how the hat turned out!

How about the curls on the side of his head? Pretty cool huh!

Even the bow on the back of his hair looks cute but I am biased :D

Off with his head!

With the hat finally sew in place.

You can see why I was reluctant about sewing his little arms on. They don't seem to sit right :( well one of the arms doesn't.

Here's a view from the top. I really do like the hat. It kind of reminds me of a pirates hat.

At least the hedgehog looks good from behind.

How about the side view?

I still have the bell to make & the Town Crier is finished, although I don't wish to make the bell. He still looks good without it. To be honest I am glad that this hedgehog is just about done. I like making the Jean Greenhowe toys but I seriously want to make something that wont take quite so long to create. Perhaps I can whip up some fingerless gloves for Angus in one of his school colours. I am so ready to pick up a crochet hook & put down the needles for a while.
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