Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Op Shop Loot

With all the fun that's been happening with Blogger these past few days (and I mean that loosely) it seems that I have lost a post. Some people have lost more so I guess I truly shouldn't complain. I wont repost it though.

I felt so lost yesterday being unable to create a new post. I was actually organised and had taken photos and everything. So... here's what I wanted to share with you yesterday.

This is one of the bargains I found when I went Op Shopping on Thursday. I was flicking through it and came across some patterns that I thought looked like they might be a good challenge. Considering it only cost $1 I couldn't pass it up.

The pictures on the left are loads of patterns for men's, women's and kids clothing. Some of them look great while others are so 70's/80's looking that I don't know if I would ever consider making them. Not unless there was a fancy dress or something to go to.

It even shows you how to design your own patterns. I don't know if I will ever feel that confident to create my own patterns but at least this should help if I ever do finally attempt it.

I'm crossing my fingers that there are NO more dramas with blogger and that I don't lose any more posts. I have enough drama at home without having dramas online :P
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