Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's Raining Cats & Dogs

What a busy morning & its still early! After the school run this morning (well the Wednesday school run, its different to the regular school run because I drop Brodie off in the next town over from us at TAFE) I had a few jobs to do. It didn't help that it has rained non-stop since I got up this morning. It's made things take a little bit longer than expected, oh well not to worry :)

I had a review with my dermatologist. Not that I talk about my skin much on this blog I usually do that on my Scratch That Darn Itch blog (not that I post there a lot there is only so much you can write about your psoriasis before you run out of things to say, I'm not a very good blogger on that front) Any way, I saw my derm. He is such an old fashioned man. I would have to put his age in the late 60's so he's no spring chicken either. He really isn't into this 'new age' biologics that are available for treating psoriasis. In fact he told me the very first time I saw him that his 'old fashioned' tar preparations were the absolute best thing in the world and they would get my skin under control! I have to admit that he was right. It has gotten it under control. I would say that I am 1000 times better off than I was when I first saw him in November 2009. I have gone from around 85% coverage to around 10-15%. Pretty good huh?!?!
He said that since things are going okay (I am flaring a little due to the colder weather but that is because the sun has gone into hiding & I'm getting the occasional new spot) that he doesn't need to see me until the potions he prescribed has run out or I flare up really badly. Which ever one comes first. I'm hoping that it will just be when the meds run out in a couple of months or so.

Once I had seen the derm I headed off to Centrelink (for my overseas friends that's what we call Social Security here) I had some forms to hand in. Just a review so that I can hopefully still receive the carers allowance that I receive for looking after Brodie. The money certainly helps go towards running him around & helping pay the bills etc. I swear that kid has no idea what its like to run a household. He may get a rude shock one day when he finds out. Hopefully by then we would have taught him enough so that he can cope on his own.

Then it was over to the Medicare office [thankfully it is now in the same building as Centrelink] so that I could get my refund (what little there is of it) after I had paid for my dermatologist visit this morning. I get a whole whopping $35.15 cents back (that sounded a tad sarcastic). At one time medicare used to cover the whole thing and the dermatologist used to bulk bill. I never had to pay a cent. Gosh I wish those days were still about. We would be a lot better off...

At least all that running around is over & done with. Well except for taking my script to the chemist. That can be done later. I don't want to go out in that rain. It still hasn't let up. It's been like this for the past 4 hours. Time to maybe get some housework done & then onto making some more of that cute little hedgehog!
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