Wednesday, July 19, 2017

WIP - Crochet - Beachy Keen Shawl

I ended up frogging this shawl the other day and restarting it. I didn't like how small it looked using the 5 mm hook. I switched to a 6.5 mm hook and I like it much better.

I have used two and a half balls of ice yarn so far.

I got Brodie to take a photo of me wearing it just to get an idea on size but I am beginning to think that this might be too long. I really need to block this to be sure That being said though, I have never blocked anything before. Not on purpose anyway.

Time to sew in the ends and block I guess .. then I shall see. The finished item from the video and written pattern had a fringe. I am unsure if I want one to be honest. I've never really been a fringe type girl unless it's my hairstyle (~_o) I reckon I shall leave things as they are. What do you think?

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