Friday, June 02, 2017

My Ice Yarn Order Arrived

My order arrived earlier this week. I ordered 
I ordered the yarn from Knit4Charities 

From left to right in the photo above:
Magic Light grey shades. Magic Baby lilac/pink/white, Magic Baby maroon/orchid/white, Magic Baby orange/white and Magic Baby blue/white

It cost around $4.25 per ball once you factor in postage. 
Not bad really if you think about it.
If I were to travel to say spotlight for example (the closest store is 49.4 km or 30 miles away) to purchase yarn and I factored in the cost of fuel to get there and back it would probably work out to be about the same price per ball of yarn. At least this way the yarn gets delivered to my door (~_o) 

I will enjoy the pretty colours for a while before I work out what I shall be making with this beautiful yarn! 

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