Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Ice Yarn Shopping

I have been shopping online for some Ice Yarn which I purchase from the Knit4Charities group that I belong to. They are resellers of the yarn and they don't mark up the prices. Brodie wanted to get me some yarn for Mother's Day but I wasn't ready to order any yarn before now. That being said he and I went halves in what I did purchase.

Magic Light - Grey shades, white

Magic Baby - Blue shades, white

Magic Baby - Orange shades, white

Magic Baby - Maroon, orchid, white

Magic Baby - Lilac shades, pink, white

I love the colours that I have chosen. I have no idea what I will be making with them. Hopefully they will arrive within a week as they are being delivered via courier and not Australia Post. Only time will tell as they are being sent from Turkey. Cross your fingers for me!

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