Wednesday, September 28, 2016

WIP - Crochet & Loom Knitting - Baby Beanies

I've been busy over the past few days. I wanted to make at least 12 beanies to take with me on Saturday to the RS service project. I have definitely achieved that and more.

I'm not too sure about those front two beanies. They don't feel as soft as I would like them.

I snagged this at an Opp Shop on Tuesday. I've been using the yarn from the bag on the right. It's a lovely soft Moda Vera yarn. I've added an 8 ply to it when I used the Knitting Loom (see pic below) as it seemed to help with the larger holes. Not a good thing for baby beanies. Using the two threads of yarn made it much better.

I've made 15 beanies now (I made another one after I took the photo below)
I managed to make three of these purple beanies yesterday.
I hope to get a few more done today.

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