Saturday, September 24, 2016

Finished Item - Crochet - Temperature Blanket - Week 38

That's it. Complete. Other than the some of the ends need to be sewn in.

Mark convinced me to not pull the blanket apart to make two smaller blankets. He explained that with all of the hours and months worth of work it would be a shame to do so.

I made an arrangement with Angus for him to have the blanket to use on his bed. He was complaining how cold he has been. Considering he has a single bed it will fold nicely in half and be extra warm for him. I also explained that since I have used hundreds of dollars worth of yarn it will be his birthday and Christmas gift from me. I don't think he was too happy about that prospect.

All bunched up on the floor
There is so much purple. I know I love that colour but gee whiz I never though I would be using so much of it in this blanket.

I hate to admit it but I prefer then end with all the green and orange. It looks so much nicer and a lot more colourful. Which end do you prefer?

After 9 months of working on this baby I mentioned to Angus and Mark what project should I do now? Angus said how about another temperature blanket? Umm maybe not. If I did it would certainly be smaller than this one with more variations of colour for the temperature range.
For now I think I shall leave the temperature blanket alone and concentrate on something else.

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