Monday, March 28, 2016

WIP - Knitting - Lady Kina

I managed to get to Spotlight last Thursday afternoon.
This is my haul, minus some buttons that I forgot to take out of the bag, oops.

The green yarn is for my temperature blanket as I seem to be going though so much of this colour. Not that I am complaining. Lots of mild days are gratefully accepted.

The Value ball is the yarn I have chosen for my Lady Kina. Although originally I was going to use the Stallion yarn for that. I started my Kina on Thursday night. 
I thought I would have problems remember how to use circular needles but it was easy. I just need to remember to make sure I keep the yarn on the outside of the work when I begin a new row or it get stuck in the middle and is harder to move.

Here's what I've done so far ...

Yesterday I cast off the sleeves. I'm just hoping that this will fit me. 
It's really difficult to tell when it's on the needles. Only time will tell, right?!

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