Saturday, January 30, 2016

Shopping For Fun

Brodie and I went for a drive to Spotlight the other day. I wanted to get some continuous lace curtain to replace the one in the lounge room that Missy Issy tore when she decided it would be a really great thing to lie down on the pretty curtain.

This is the style that I ended up with. I bought white. I'm thinking that perhaps ivory may have been a better choice. Oh well. Maybe the next time I will get ivory rather than white.

I have also decided I wanted to make the "Call the Midwife" baby blanket. I didn't know which colour to make when I decided I wanted to make it. I also had no idea who to make it for, Then I realised that one of Brodie's friends, the one who helped keep him awake for his EEG that he needed to have done, is expecting a baby in about 10 weeks. So I bought green yarn. Mainly because I don't know what she's having and I thought that it would be fine for either a boy or a girl.

While we were walking around the store look what jumped in to my basket! Around 4.5 skeins of yarn. They are called a mill end assortment. Not bad for $6.99; for that price I can't really complain. Who knows they may end up as another blanket.

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