Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Crochet - Temperature Blanket

A few days ago I came across a post on Facebook that talked about a Temperature Blanket.
Basically you use the daily maximum temperature (for a whole year) as a guide to the colours you will use to make the blanket. A row a day. That wont be too difficult, right? The photo below came from that Facebook post but sadly I can't remember who originally shared it, sorry. I would love to give them credit for it but I just don't recall who posted it. (Repeat Crafter Me shared this idea on Facebook. Thanks Jen Bibb for letting me know).**Edited Feb 17 2016**

Photo credit goes to Karen Stewart from Chocolate Dog Studio

The temperature scale in the thermometer is based on a weather pattern that truly doesn't suit the Australian climate. So I altered it and drew up my own thermometer. Which is in the photo below.

Since deciding on the scale and the colours in the photo I have changed my mind on the actual colours I am going to use. Mainly because I didn't have the dark green in my yarn stash in the quantity I wanted and I couldn't be bothered running to the shops to buy some.

My new colours are as follows:
Dark Red      37°C ↑
Red      32°C - 36 °C
   Orange     25°C - 31°C
Green     20°C - 25°C
Light Blue     13°C - 19°C
Light Purple     7°C - 12°C
Purple     1°C - 6°C
Blue     Below 0°C

We have some horribly hot days here (sometimes around 45°C that's about 115°F in the old scale) and as far as I know we don't really get any days that are anywhere near freezing (0°C) not for a maximum temperature only the minimum.

I was thinking of doing the granny stripe pattern but I'm not so sure. It will be really BIG and heavy by the time next summer starts and I don't like the idea of something so big being on my lap when it comes to adding a row or two in hot weather. I have decided on doing a corner to corner blanket (c2c). I know it will be rather large by next summer but it wont be quite as big as the granny stripe.

I thought I would collect a few days worth of temperatures before beginning the blanket. I've never made a c2c blanket before so that's a challenge in itself. I'll be checking out the video tutorial that Mikey (from The Crochet Crowd) made.
Hopefully I will remember to take photos and share a weekly or maybe a fortnightly update on the blankets progress. I like the idea of a piece of work showing a years worth of weather. 

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