Friday, January 02, 2015

WIP - Crochet Boy Blanket - Ship Applique

I began a new project a couple of weeks ago. I started making the background for another blanket. This is one of the new patterns I purchased not all that long ago on Ravelry from Knot Your Nana's Crochet. It's called "Boys will be boys". 

I hate to admit it but the background for the blanket has taken FOREVER! It's made all in one piece using half treble stitches (half double crochet) except for the border. I used treble (double crochet) instead because (for me) it works up faster.

Anyway I began the applique yesterday and made the ship. I only have one problem. Trying to stitch it on to the blanket while it is one huge piece makes it awkward work. Especially now that it's the middle of summer and the weather has warmed up. I'm thinking I may need to make all the appliques up and them stitch them all on once they are done.

I have decided that if I make this blanket up again. And I am sure that I will because the appliques look so cute. I may just make individual squares just like I have for the other blankets that I have made ie: The zoo blankets. It makes it so much easier to sew them on to the blankets that way.

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