Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Adding To My Yarn Stash

I may not have been able to go shopping for yarn on I Love Yarn Day but I did manage to buy some on the weekend. Brodie and I went for a drive to Spotlight Saturday afternoon.
I behaved myself and only bought 8 skeins there. 

We also went to Big W and I bought 4 more balls. I think I did very well to have only purchased 12 skeins altogether. It showed great restraint on my part ☺☺

I realised on Sunday that I needed to purchase some red, yellow and blue yarn to make one of my nieces, Kylie, a blanket for her other half's football team I am sure that I have the colours here but they wont all be of the same brand. Looks like another shopping trip may be on the cards a bit sooner than I thought,

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