Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Things I Have Learned

I have learned a few things since I have had my surgery. Things I have learned about myself and my family.

  • the boys are pretty good at helping in the kitchen. 
  • both of the boys are becoming more confident with their cooking skills
  • Angus is good at vacuuming
  • I still have trouble asking for help. Just call me Little Miss Independent or Little Miss Strong-Willed (Mark prefers to call me stubborn. Strong-willed sounds nicer)
  • Jars are almost impossible to open
  • I am getting better at using my cutlery. Holding a knife and a fork was very difficult a week ago. 
  • Opening & closing shampoo and conditioner bottles was a nightmare. It's very difficult to hold the bottle and try to squirt out just the right amount of liquid on to your hand.
  • Mark is very good at doing the yucky stuff like changing bandages and cleaning wounds.
  • Mark shakes his head at me a lot, especially when I don't ask for help.
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