Monday, August 11, 2014

Stupid Hand

At least my hand is healing nicely.
It looks a little bit better than this photo
that I took on Saturday.
I know that Mark, Brodie and Angus have been very helpful since my surgery and I am very grateful for that. However, there are many things about the house that need doing that are just being neglected. Things like sweeping and mopping the floor, cleaning the bathroom basin and the toilet. I don't know whether I should ask for these jobs to be done or wait until they notice *rolls eyes*.

This morning I thought I would wash the towels and hang them out. That was all good. I washed them and placed in the basket to take outside. Only thing is I wouldn't open the door with my left hand while the basket was balanced on my right hip and being held with my right hand. Silly me hurt myself trying to open the door :'(

I know what you are thinking I could have asked for help but Brodie is at base (day services at Yooralla) Angus was asleep (he has a migraine he is trying to get rid of) and Mark was in his shed talking on his radio. I wasn't going to interrupt him. I did earlier when I got him on the intercom he seemed a little abrupt when I spoke with him, it was probably just me reading something into it that just wasn't there so I didn't ask him for help with the washing.

Anyway, the washing is out on the line. The basin is now clean as is the mirror and also the toilet. My hand however is now aching a little more than it was earlier. Stupid hand! I just want it to heal and to regain my strength. I couldn't even open up a packet of twisties yesterday. It's ridiculous. I hate having to rely on everyone to do stuff when I just want to do it myself.
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