Saturday, June 07, 2014

Update on Dad

I spend quite a lot of time on the phone these past few days with my sisters in Adelaide. While there was a lot of bad news there was lots of good news too which is a relief.

Dad was discharged from hospital last night. Thankfully, he has the flu and not pneumonia. I am glad that the diagnosis of pneumonia was wrong. I get chills when I hear that word. Mum died from it and with her having Diabetes and emphysema didn't help.

Vicki and Julie were able to speak with a social worker and an occupational therapist (OT) at the hospital. From what they discussed they are all for Dad staying home on his own for at least the next six months. Just as long as he has as much assistance as he can possibly have. However that will all change if Dad has another fall. If that occurs then he will be placed in to a nursing home straight away.

For now my sisters have organised to take turns looking after him in his home. The aged care people will be reassessing the help that Dad needs at home. My sisters have organised to cook his meals between them ie: make extra when they cook and freeze some meals to take over to him. The Anglicare people wont need to come over and cook meals for him now. They will still be needed to help him out with cleaning and changing his bed. 

One thing Julie told me is that considering Dads age and the fact that he has dementia he is still in pretty good health. Julie mentioned that Dad only eats sweet things most of the time such as fruit cake and biscuits. The OT said not to worry about it too much since most dementia patients don't always remember that they have eaten any way and to let him enjoy eating what he wants especially since he doesn't have diabetes or other major health issues to worry about.

So for now Dad will be home. The girls are happy to help him as much as they can. The boys and I will be visiting Dad next month. We've arranged the dates and I have told my sisters when we will be there. I think it will be nice to give them a break from looking after Dad for a week. I am sure Vicki will need the break by then. Mark will need to be a bachelor for a week. I am sure he wont mind. 

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