Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Diabetes - Shopping & Cooking on a Budget

I went to my Diabetes Support Group yesterday afternoon. It's only the third time I have ever gone. I am so glad I went this month. We had a session on how to shop healthily on a budget. It was a follow up on a supermarket tour I did last week that showed us how to shop healthily on a budget and work out which foods were the cheaper options to buy.

After our first session we went on to do some cooking. There were four groups and four different recipes. Sadly I only managed to snap photos of three of the dishes.

My group cooked a "Saucy Chick Pea" recipe (above). It was really, really nice. I hadn't cooked very often with chick peas in fact the only time I have had them was in a four bean mix that I would throw into a soup or a stew.

One group cooked a "Fruit Crumble" which was also very nice and it was served with a large dollop of mixed berry yoghurt.

Another group made "Pizzas" using pita bread as the base. All of the pizzas had cucumber on them. Not something I would normally associate with pizza but it still tasted great!

The last group made "Minestrone" using wholemeal pasta. That's the dish I didn't get the photo of. However, that dish was really nice but I think it lacked some flavour. I think it needed a few more herbs in it.

I have copies all of the recipes and I am definitely going to try making some of these at home. I am sure that the boys will love most if not all of them. I was fortunate enough to bring home two slices of the pizza. Both Brodie and Angus tried them and thought they were great. Not bad considering it was vegetarian. Angus prefers to have meat on his pizza. 

I found the meeting very helpful and I learned a few tips too. Anything that will help me save a few dollars when shopping and still enables me to buy foods that I know are healthy or at least a healthier option is good in my books. Next time I go to the supermarket I will definitely have to test out my new found knowledge.

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