Saturday, March 01, 2014

It's Officially Autumn!

Today is the official start of Autumn! You know what that means?! I survived another Summer! I really don't like summer. I just hate the heat. it's funny when you're a kid you love it. It means a long school holiday break, lazy days playing with friends, swimming, reading and just having fun! These days it means long HOT days in front of the air-conditioner and horribly high electricity bills! I am so glad that it is now Autumn. I am looking forward to seeing all the pretty coloured leaves on the trees and I know that cooler weather is on its way.

Speaking of cooler weather, it has been so helpful for the firefighters that are still fighting the fire at the coalmine in Morwell/Hazelwood. I cannot believe that today is day 20 and it is still burning. I drove Angus to work placement in Morwell yesterday morning. He starts at 7:30 am. We drive on the freeway right past the open cut mine on the way there. The smoke that is floating up from the pit looked so eerie and it smells horrible. I feel so bad for the people in Morwell who have to put up with this. It is just heart breaking knowing that they have to put up with the smell and smoke again.

The state government has offered families $500 to use towards accommodation if they want to get out of town. Not a lot of help really. It wont stretch very far for families. Get this they are SELLING not giving away masks for residents. I think they should be free for all who want them! I also think that any medical visits that are required as a result of the smoke (there is a lot of carbon monoxide being given off by the fire) should be free too but of course it isn't. It's been THREE weeks Mr Napthine (he's our state premier) get your act into gear and HELP these people. Mr Abbott, for crying out loud pull your finger out and OFFER the WHOLE town of Morwell free doctors visits if their illness is a direct result from the fire and smoke. HELP these people they need it!!

I could stay on this soapbox all day and rant about how bad things are and how little is being done about it but I wont. I'll just pray for more rain and that the firefighters are able to extinguish this fire and declare it safe.
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