Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Catching Up With Family

Yesterday Mark, the boys and I were able to catch up with some of Mark's family for Christmas. Mark's Dad and stepmum are over from Perth visiting lots of family and his brother and SIL came up for the day from East Gippsland. We went to one of the Chinese restaurants here in town for lunch. 

It felt really good to be able to catch up with everyone. We don't really see a lot of family. In fact we rarely speak with my family in Adelaide, other than my Dad. I guess we are all busy doing our own thing to contact one another. Anyway it was really nice to spend time with family. Lots of stories and laughter was shared.

Before lunch Sheryl (the SIL) had asked to see my crocheted blankets that I had made. She had seen all the photos on Facebook but she wanted to see them in person so I dragged them out. She loved them. Sheryl even suggested I make a few and sell them at the local market. I thought about that once but I worry that no one would buy them. I would never know how much to dell them for any way.

Once we had finished lunch we all came back to our place to swap presents. I decided to drag the blankets out again to show them off to Mark's parents. I wanted to brag (~_~) after all I really enjoyed making them. The MIL loved the zoo blanket so much she offered to buy it from me for her daughter who had a baby a couple of months ago. Of course I said no to her buying the blanket. I make them to give away. So I gave it to her. After all her daughter is Mark's (step) sister so of course she can have it. Even if she wasn't family she would still be welcome to receiving it as a gift. I am really happy that one of my blankets now has a new home.
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