Friday, November 01, 2013

WIP - Crocheted Jellyfish Applique

I started making a jellyfish the other day. My first attempt was not so good. I thought making a semi-circle would be a great idea and them add some chains for the tentacles. Easy-peasy, right? Wrong! It looked horrible. It looked just like a half circle. I promptly pulled that apart and went hunting for a pattern that I was sure I had saved.

My first attempt which I pulled apart
 My second attempt looks much nicer. Although the jelly fish is rather tiny. It's only around 3 inches in size but what an improvement on my poor attempt without a pattern!!! I found and bought the pattern on craftsy. It's called Jellyfish Applique by Golden Lucy Crafts. Since the jelly fish is tiny I thought that I would make two or three to put on the square. Once I have finished the square I'll share some photos.

sewing all the ends in was a bit tedious but it's worth it

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