Friday, November 29, 2013

Lucky Me!

Angus has been in the mood to do some cooking and baking for the last couple of week. Silly me kept forgetting to take photos of what he has made. He's baked cakes, brownies and now a Honey Rice Bubble Slice. It's a bit too sweet for my liking. 

I was a very lucky girl too this week. My niece, Kylie, whom I have never met and who lives in England sent me this lovely necklace. It's so pretty. It's a shame that this photo doesn't show the blue of the pendant very well. It's more of a tardis blue (~_o) Just so I don't confuse you I do have two nieces called Kylie. One is my sisters daughter and the other one is my ex-hubby's niece. It does get confusing sometimes when we talk about either one.

I have another reason why I am lucky. Brodie cooked dinner for us last night. He was so proud of himself. The only thing I did was help with the timing of the dishes and placing everything on the plates. The rest he did himself. He cooked Pies and veg & I had two little hamburger patties and veg. Brodz did a great job too. 

I am so happy that the boys are willing to get into the kitchen now and cook things. I've enjoyed the break and we are reaping the benefits too (~_~) YUM~
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