Monday, October 07, 2013

WIP - Knitting - Baby Kina (2)

2 days work *sigh* I'm now up to dividing for the front panels, back & sleeves.
Yes I must still be sick! I am still knitting! I restarted the Baby Kina with a 4 ply cotton in the delightful shade of Daffodil. Kind of fitting really since it is Spring here and there have been plenty of daffodils in bloom.

It's slow going because my arm gets sore and my fingers go numb but it's a labour of love. I know that this little cardigan/jacket will look very pretty when its finished. I'm wondering if I should have used that self patterning baby jacquards yarn I have. Depending on how things go with this one I might even try that. The baby jacquards I have is also in yellow but I bet it will look fantastic once it's done.

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