Friday, September 27, 2013

Crocheted Pansy

I'm in a flower making mood. It's spring time and with all the flowers in bloom about town I have felt inspired to make some pretty flowers.

I made the pansy above using the video from Crochet Geek, which I have added below.
While I love how the pansy turned out I am not too sure about the hole in the middle. I feel that it detracts from the flower, but then again that's probably just me.

I'm going to make another pansy just because I can and because it is spring. I adore spring. It's my favourite time of year! Everything is just so pretty and colourful! I'm thinking of turning at least one of the flowers into a brooch. I've been researching ways to stiffen the yarn. I found an article over at Crochet Spot very helpful.
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