Saturday, August 24, 2013

WIP - Little Blossom Blanket - Strawberry, Little Girl, Owl & Cherry Appliques

The other day I finally picked up my crochet hook. I hadn't crocheted for 2 whole days.

this photo was taken before I had sewn it all together.
Slowly but surely my little blanket is coming along. Once I get rid of this cold
(it sure is hanging around) I know I'll feel up to finishing this blankie off!

I think the strawberry looks good on the darker purple background
I was on a bit of a roll and made some more squares up. I sure paid for my enthusiasm to finish another square. My arm sure did ache afterwards :-( and sadly it continued into the next day.

How cute is this little owl? I think it's rather adorable!

How about the cherries? Although I think a bowl full of the REAL fruit would be much nicer (~_~)

I can't wait until I have finished this blanket and I am able to show off the entire thing!

My Little Blossom Blanket will look ever so sweet.

 You can find the pattern on Ravelry HERE if you're interested.

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