Friday, August 16, 2013

My Little Rascal

Brodz & I went shopping at Mid-Valley in Morwell on Tuesday morning. We parked down by the Coles entrance and started to walk inside. Brodie was at least 5 metres in front of me. Before I got to the entrance he turned around to stop me from going in. He said that we had to turn around and not go in. That the entrance was blocked. I looked past him towards the entrance and clicked as to why he wouldn't let me go in. The shop just inside the entrance had YARN for sale.

The little rascal didn't want me to buy any more. Pffft like he was going to stop me from getting more! Honestly you'd think I was addicted or something with his carry on. It's not like I have boxes and boxes full of the stuff. Oh wait I do ... I would like to think that he would be happy that I buy yarn. It not only keeps me busy crocheting and knitting it keeps me sane. And a sane Mum is a great thing, right??

This is what I ended up with any way (~_~)

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