Wednesday, August 07, 2013

5000 Poppies Project

I follow, or should I say like, a lot of different crochet pages on Facebook. I came across a post about a wonderful project called 5000 poppies.

Poppies have long been associated with the battlefields of World War I. They are now considered a symbol of the lost of those on the battlefield and hope for those left behind.

The 5000 Poppies Project gives fibre artists the chance to contribute to a field of poppies that will be on display in Melbourne on ANZAC Day 2015. It will be part of the 100th anniversary commemoration. You can find out more about it on their website HERE. They explain it much better than I can.

Here's the Facebook group if you wish to check it out 5000 Poppies and a link to their poppy pattern page.

I know I will be adding to their poppy collection. I think it's a wonderful idea to be part of something so special to honour our service men & women.
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