Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Found A Bargain

On Wednesday afternoon after I had been to see my physio at the hospital Mark & I went into town to look for a network cable. One of our cables, the one we had attached to our VOIP (internet phone) had a fault in it and we wanted to replace it. We didn't find one (a specific one Mark wanted - they're all the same to me) Since we were already in town Mark & I decided to buy lunch. 

Anyway long story sort, while Mark waited for our order at the takeaway place I went across the road to the yarn/fabric shop and I found a really good bargain!

Super soft yarn!
There were bags of yarn for $5 each. Each bag had 10 balls of mixed yarns.

Surprise I'm knitting not crocheting!!
Yesterday I decided to pick up my knitting needles and make a scarf. It looks pretty good so far. I do know one thing though (but I have probably jinxed myself now) my wrists haven't been aching while knitting. 
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