Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dirty Old Cat

Trip (on the left) and C.K. (on the right) snoozing on the bed the other day.

Our three-legged cat, Trip, has been through the wars over the years. The other day he had been chased by two young dogs into our backyard. When I opened the door to let him in he bolted into our bedroom. I went to check him out to see if he had possibly lost another one of his nine lives. Thankfully, he let me pick him up and lay him on the be so that I could feel him all over, rub him down and check for any damage. Everything was all good. I let him stay on the bed. He stayed there apart from leaving the room for food that's pretty much the only place he was for the rest of the day.

Once Trip went out later that evening he disappeared until the next morning when he wanted indoors for another feed. As soon has he had eaten he jumped back on the bed and stayed there all day, apart from getting off the bed to go and eat, until I went to bed around midnight. He, either in his old age or his laziness because it's winter and cold outside, had moved to another part of the bed to piddled and then moved back to his 'warm' spot that he had been laying in all day. Of course I didn't know this had happened until I sat on the bed. Gosh I could've smacked the little rascal.

There Mark & I were at just after midnight stripping the bed, changing the sheets and trying to work out what we could possibly use to keep us warm because the quilt had been soiled too. Thankfully the quilt and the electric blanket, which is now just used as a mattress protector, kept the mattress from being soiled too. I am so glad that we had sleeping bags that could be unzipped and used on the bed along with an old single bed quilt plus a pretty crocheted blanket I had made.

I had wanted to give all the bedding a good wash but not like this and not during these cold winter days. Thank goodness the weather has been sunny and I've been able to hang out the washing on the line. I just hope that everything will dry before bedtime otherwise it's another night with the sleeping bag, which was surprisingly quite warm. Cross your fingers for me that the weather doesn't turn cold and rainy.
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