Friday, February 08, 2013

Op Shopping Bargains

Before being cleaned
Mark & I went Op Shopping on Thursday morning (as well as the day before but in a different town). In one of the places I spotted a magazine rack. It was in excellent condition and just needed a clean. I showed Mark but then I said that I don't really need it as we already have places for magazines. Mark then stated that it would look great with lots of yarn in it. SOLD! He's such an enabler ♥♥

Mark found a working digital camera for $5. He said it would be great for when he is working on the bike and he can take photos so that he doesn't get his phone dirty.
All that black stuff in the photo is electrical tape. He was very happy with that find. It's a name brand of some kind and extremely sticky. It's good that he found it because he couldn't find his black tape the other day when he was working on something. Now Mark has plenty. 

Ready to go ...
I must admit the magazine rack does look good now that it's all cleaned up and filled with yarn.
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