Friday, January 11, 2013

♫♪ We're Having A Heatwave, A Tropical Heatwave ♫♪

BOM new style of map showing possible temperatures for the day
The Bureau of Meteorology has a new style of map that shows us how hot it will be during the day. This coming weekend there are parts of Australia where the temperature may reach 48 - 50C (118 - 122F)
I don't even want to think about how hot that truly is. 

Where I live isn't suffering from a heatwave most of the country is. We are fortunate enough that things have been cooling down in between those super hot fire danger days.
If it is cold in your part of the world please think of us here in Australia and please pray that there are no new bushfires starting up and that the ones already going will be contained and extinguished.

I tried to share an animated gif but it wasn't playing nice :( 
If you would like to see how hot it will be for us over the next few days go HERE to the ABC's website. They have an animated gif you can watch.

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