Monday, January 28, 2013

Weather, From One Extreme To Another

Australia has had a whole bunch of seasons within a matter of days. While the weather is much cooler here in Victoria, where I live at least, there are still bushfires burning and not a lot of rain in the forecast. At the opposite end of the scale in Queensland and northern New South Wales they are facing what is left of T.C. Oswald and massive flooding. A lot of the areas affected today were also affected by flooding from T.C. Yasi back in 2011.

This morning I had been watching the news on TV. Schedule shows have been postponed to show live coverage from Queensland and what's going on around that state.

I managed to find some video on youtube that shows a little of what's going on up in Brisbane.

With all this rain, I know its probably not possible, but it would be nice if it made its way down the coast and in to Victoria so that it can put out the fires.
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