Saturday, December 01, 2012

I Now Pronounce You ...

Husband and Wife.
Well that's what the Bishop said at approximately 5:30 pm this afternoon.

Yes I know it's strange to be posting this so soon after our ceremony but we are GEEKS and we love our computers. We're not going off on a honeymoon. Not yet any way. We will be saving up for that and going some time next year.

The following photos are courtesy of Angus and the Bishops wife.

Mark scrubs up really nicely doesn't he

Our little family .. well not so little

Mark and his friend are checking out the camera

Signing the certificate

Signing the Ward register.

With the Bishop.
There are more photos but they are still on Mark's camera. Once I get my hands on them I'll share some of those too. I did find one small problem with having more than one photographer, you never know who to look at when the photos are being taken.
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