Sunday, October 28, 2012

We've Set A Date

Mark and I went to visit the Bishop from our ward yesterday to begin organising things for our wedding. Gosh it sounds strange to talk about this. I knew Mark and I would get married and it was just a matter of when but wow we're actually doing something about it all now.

We have set a date... Saturday December 1st. Although I did think about it all afterwards but wouldn't the date 12/12/12 be better? Oh well it doesn't matter really but honestly would you forget a date like that? Depending on the weather it could be either in civic park or in the Bishops backyard (which looks rather pretty at the moment). It sounds a bit rushed I know but we aren't going to have a big ceremony with loads of people. Small and quiet is exactly what we want.

Mark and I have picked out our wedding bands. Of course I will take photos of them later on (we don't have them yet) but they look really cool and are not what I would consider the usual type of ring. They're made of titanium which means we will never break them. I really like them anyway.

All I need to do now is find the perfect outfit for me and make sure that the boys have outfits that don't consist of flannelette shirts and tracksuit pants. Now the fun part of clothes shopping begins ...
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