Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Playing Catch Up

I am so behind on my blog reading lately. I guess that's what school holidays do to you. To be honest I am so over these holidays already. The boys have been driving me bonkers! I am tired of their fights. Seriously I thought that now they are getting older that they wouldn't argue so much but it only seems to be getting worse. Thankfully Angus had a bright idea and phoned his bestie. He went there yesterday afternoon. So at least there is a break in the fighting for now.

To top things off I've come down with a bug of some kind. Nothing too bad at the moment. I just don't want it to get any worse than it is. Cross your fingers that it's not what Angus had. He was off school for a whole week with it :-/

Astri's kindle cover
Anyway I mentioned being behind in my blog reading. I did finally manage to make a start on catching up. I popped on over to see Astri at her blog Apple Blossom Dreams. She has made a fantastic cover for her kindle. After seeing it I am feeling inspired to make a new cover. I'm not sure it will look as pretty as hers but I'm willing to give it a go (~_~)
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