Wednesday, October 03, 2012

A Bucket Of Chocolate

Look at what Angus gave me .....

sadly it was not full of M&M's but he did share a few of them with me (~_~)

I actually wanted the little bucket so that I could use it as a yarn bowl. That way my yarn wont roll all over the floor and get dirty.

I was eyeing off some ceramic yarn bowls on etsy just like this one ...

Denim blue ceramic cat yarn bowl by ClayCrazyPottery

However I am sad to say it is not in my price range as were most of the others. What can I say I have expensive tastes. By the time I factor in the cost of the bowl and postage it would have cost me around a weeks worth of groceries. 

I have looked to see if there was an Australian creator of these wonderful bowls and I am as yet unable to find one. I'll keep looking though. In the meantime I will just use my M&M bucket :D and add the yarn bowl to my wish list.
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