Sunday, September 09, 2012

Weird Kitty

C.K. chilling on the bed

There's a standing joke at our place about how well the cats would feed us if we had to eat them as dim sims (dim sims are an Aussie invention based on Chinese dumplings) or as a meal in general. Sad I know but it's just in fun. We would never EVER under any circumstances hurt our cats. We just love them way too much for that.

Our cats are such fuss pots when it comes to eating that I feel they eat better than we do most days. C.K. has developed an unusual taste for soy sauce. When Mark has noodles and takes the bowl to the shed he often leaves the bowl on the desk when he's finished. C.K. has decided that he is going to lick the bowl. My guess is he is self-marinating. Yep I know roll your eyes but you have to see the funny side of things, right?
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