Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Fun Outdoors

Brodie & I joined an exercise class this morning in town *shock horror* It was held outside in Civic Park. Although it was cold outside this morning I sure worked up a sweat. It was loads of fun & I didn't over do it. In fact Brodie & I shared lots of laughter as we "worked out" so it didn't feel like a work out.

I wanted to join a group so that I would get moving & not sit around so much. The main reason for this is I want to maintain my weight (or even lose a little more) and to keep getting good blood glucose levels so if that helps then I'll make this a regular thing. I'm not too sure yet though. I might be able to decide after another session or two.

After our session we went for a little walk around Civic Park to cool down a little and take some photos of the pond. Brodie used his new camera (he swapped his motor cycle helmet for Mark's point and shoot digital camera) and I used my phone.

Where we did our coreball exercise class

I love this little waterfall.

Not that you can see it but there was a beautiful parrot hiding in that tree.

I don't feel too bad after our little fun outdoors. Although I do feel like I could probably use a cat nap right now *yawn*. I checked my BGL when I got home and it was 5.4 mmol. Which I think is pretty good after brekky and exercising. I must have done something right (~_~)

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