Friday, July 20, 2012

I Love Finding Bargains

I love finding bargains when I go shopping don't you?
I've found some great deals this past week!

I think someone in the supermarket goofed when they typed in the weight.

I'm sure it was really meant to cost around $10.
Mark & I went Op Shopping on Wednesday and found these two items.

We've had the jars for ages now we have some lids. I just need to work out what we will end up preserving...

Pyrex is never cheap to buy new
Brodz & I went shopping yesterday after I had to take him into Traralgon to sign some exit forms for that TAFE course he quit *sigh* I thought I would at least get something useful done out of our 140+ km (87 miles) round trip.

I bought these for me. I usually forget to get something for myself.

I found these blouses in Kmart. Not bad considering I went in there to look for a pair of slippers and a nightie. I never bought either of those. I also bought 4 more t-shirts for Mark & the boys. I was surprised when the total for all of them was less than $50.

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