Monday, July 09, 2012

Family Members Sabotaging Diabetes Care

I was reading an article in my Google Reader feed from Diabetes Counselling Online about how some family members can sabotage diabetes care.

It got me thinking about how my family sometimes does the same to me without even realising that they have done it.
For example the times when we have takeaway. When I don't feel like cooking. The suggestions come in thick and fast for things like fish & chips, hamburgers, pizza and Chinese foods. There rarely is a suggestion for something like Subway and all that yummy salad they have.
There have also been times when the boys will buy something junky like chocolate, lollies or chips and say come on Mum have some.

Being tempted by your favourite foods can be a nightmare and its often hard to say no without offending someone. So what do you do about it? You have a small amount. A taste. There have been times when I've had some potato chips and they have tasted so good that I have wanted the whole packet. Of course I wont eat the whole thing but boy would it be nice.

My Dietitian said that you shouldn't deprive yourself from everything you like. Just have small amounts. Will power plays a big part in this. I know that its up to me to make sure that I never over do it. I know that it is also up to me to educate my family (and friends). They need to know that there are some things that aren't always a good choice and that it would be nice if there were some healthier options available as well. Its a learning journey for all of us not just for myself.
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