Monday, June 11, 2012

There's No Stash Busting Here!

I know I should be stash busting but I couldn't help but add to my collection over the weekend. Spotlight had a one day only sale where they had between 20 - 50 % off the yarn in their store. The only catch was you had to be a personal shopper and not buy online. Of course I had to drag take Angus with me Saturday afternoon (~_~) maybe that's why he's got his crochet mojo back. He got to choose some colours. 
Angus has chosen that pretty light blue to make a scarf. He's doing really well with that already.

I also bought a new mat for the loo. No point getting cold tootsies when you spend a penny on a cold morning!

I even got some craft glue to fix the top of the kitchen chairs. They have these little knob things on them that Rory likes to knock off the chairs so that he can play soccer with them. It's kind of cute but you need to go hunting for the pieces when he's finished playing.

The giant crochet hook was for Angus. He has no idea what to make with that one. 
I love the flat fats. I don't have a clue what to make with them yet but they're going into my fabric stash.

YAY for long weekends. Thank you Queen Elizabeth for celebrating your birthday this weekend. 
I got to sleep in this morning, well until Rosy jumped all over the bed to let me know he was hungry. Also this weekend marks the official start of the ski season. They've had the weather for it. It's been freezing so that snow wont have a chance to melt!
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