Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cats Can Be Such A Worry Sometimes

Our boy Trip

Our three-legged cat, Trip, has a sore leg. It's his front right leg and his joints look all swollen. The poor thing. We were so worried about him that we took him to the vets yesterday. It just happens to be the same leg that he was shot in a few years ago. Some nasty person in town used some sore of air rifle and hit him. He had to have his leg pinned back then.

Mark & I were concerned that he had to have something similar done this time around. Only trouble was we don't really have the funds to get him fixed. Good news is that it was a big abscess. It's already burst and had drained. What a relief that was to hear that it wasn't broken. Trippy was such a good cat while we were at the vets. He didn't complain when the vet gave him an injection full of antibiotics (so much easier than trying to give him tablets). Thank goodness it was nothing too serious.

This video was shared on facebook and I just had to share it.
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