Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Naughty Little Ginger Snap

My little ginger snap had an operation on Thursday. We were being the responsible owners and getting him desexed or as the girl who booked him in said he was being castrated *eek*

When we picked him up Thursday afternoon the Vet said he may still be a bit groggy from the anaesthetic and don't expect him to be very playful or hungry for that matter. Keep him indoors for a day or so and then he's good to go outside.

Oh boy they do NOT know our Rory very well. When we got him home and opened the carry cage in the lounge room he ran straight down the other end of the house where we keep the cat food and he dove straight into the dry crunchies! This is a cat that will only eat them under sufferance and only when there is nothing else to eat. Of course we had to give him some of his favourite food which is anything that comes in a cat food tin! He truly isn't that fussy when it comes to canned food. You give it to him and he will eat it. Unlike our other cats who will happily screw their noses up at certain tins.

Later on after we had dinner and we were all off doing our own things I busted Rory rummaging through the rubbish bin seeing what food scraps he could manage to steal. He was possibly looking for the bones from the pork chops we had for tea. So much for the Vet saying Rory may not wish to eat or play. He was back to his old mischievous self! The little rascal! I love him to bits but boy is he a handful!
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