Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Kids Have NO Manners

I was talking with my sister, Julie, on the phone last weekend. She lives in Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula. It's a beautiful place there. In January on Australia Day (the 26th) they have the Tunarama its a tuna tossing competition where contestants see how far they can throw a frozen 10kg (22lb) tuna. You gotta love country towns and their traditions.

While I was on the phone I realised how rude my children really are when someone is on the phone. They have absolutely no manners. They try and have conversations with you while you're trying to listen and talk on the phone. It's rather disgusting. In fact Brodie is the worst culprit. I swear he has absolutely no idea when to stop interrupting me when I am on the phone even though I have told him many times to be quiet. How on earth do you get an extremely loud 18 year old who has Aspergers to be quiet??

Is it too late to try and teach a young adult how to be polite when it comes to conversations? Do you have any tips for me? Should I just tell them straight out how disappointed I am? What would you do? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

**quick update since I wrote this up. I told Brodz how rude he was because he was doing the exact same thing again. He didn't take it too well but I think he got the message.
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