Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Finished Item - Knitted Vest

I finally finished that vest I was making for my niece. I am so glad that that's over and done with. My hands kept getting pins & needles all the time (o_0) I'm wondering if that means its time to go see the doctor and talk about getting surgery done on my carpal tunnel. I'll put it off for a bit longer I think since it only really happens when I am knitting and not when I crochet.
I'm thinking I might make something else for Kylie (my niece) before I post this off to her. Perhaps a scarf of a beanie or something to go with the vest.

Spotlight Square week 10
I managed to make a spotlight square last night. I love how this one looks. Sorry that the photo isn't that crash hot. The pattern looks like a basket weave to me. It would make a really nice blanket! It feels rather chunky and would be nice and warm. Here's the link to get the pattern for week 10.
I started the square for week 11 last night. So far so good. At least the flower part looks nice. I'll share photos of that one later once it's finished. You can get the pattern HERE if you're interested.
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