Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I've Been Hunting Wabbits

Okay so I wasn't really hunting Wabbits (like Elmer Fudd says). I've been hunting for some crochet patterns. Ones that are easy to follow and hopefully quick to make up. There's nothing I dislike more than making something that takes forever to complete. I know I'm one of THOSE people who likes to do things quickly and yes I am also one of THOSE people who stands in front of the microwave waiting for it to hurry up and finish! (it's not like it doesn't cook fast enough right?)

Anyway here are some of the patterns I found recently. I have no idea if I will make them all but I've added most of them to my collection (either downloaded or bookmarked) You never know when inspiration will strike and you might want to make something special and you've already found the perfect pattern! What's even better is they're all freebies!

Granny Square Poncho
Who said granny squares were just for blankets?

Pretty Posy Throw
Look at the pretty flowers! I love the look of this one. 
It's definitely in my I wish to make that one day pile of patterns!

Mary Jane slippers
These slippers look like they would be perfect on a cool morning or for when you're snuggled under a blanket on the couch :)

Little Starburst Dishcloth
I know this one says it's for a dishcloth but wouldn't it make a great afghan square?

Penguin Bowling Set
How cute are these penguins?

Bright Floral Placemats
I like flowers. What can I say. I love how these look. They're definitely in my really want to make this pile!

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