Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Food Glorious Food

I mentioned last month that I got a new subscription to a food magazine. Well my Super Food Magazine arrived yesterday and I have been drooling over reading the recipes trying to work out which ones would be the best ones to try and which ones I could modify to make more diabetic friendly. I have to admit that they all look fantastic if the photos in the magazine are anything to go by.

Super food ideas

You should see the big selection of recipes. With all the yummy foods that my family loves. Rice, noodles, chorizos, pasta, eggs ... I could go on. There really isn't much that we don't like eating. Well there is more on Mark & the boys list of NO GO food like offal (although they eat pate) but I don't mind that. The only thing I definitely wont eat is tripe ewwww gross! The rest I would pretty much have a taste of to see if I like it.

How amazing do those dishes look?

Irish Cream Mousse

Stir-fry ~ YUM!

Spanish Chorizo and prawn rice.

I'm going to drool some more flick through the recipes to see what I might try cooking for tea tonight.
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